Zoom Production

With video conferencing software like Zoom, you can hold events from anywhere in the world. Charge for admission, then focus on your workshop or webinar while an OGM facilitator handles all of the details, such as:

    • Breakout rooms
    • Video recordings
    • Media sharing
    • Background music
    • and additional services

Charge for admission to your event, then work with us to turn the recording into evergreen content that you can continue to charge for, including:

    • A pre-recorded course
    • An exclusive podcast episode
    • Fractional social media content
    • and more!

We have managed events with over 600 participants. Our client Organize 365, a podcast with over 15 million downloads, trusts OGM with facilitating their events for attendees all over the globe.

Don’t just let a Zoom meeting be a Zoom meeting. Work with OGM to create a valuable asset that you can resell and reuse again and again!

Book a discovery call with us right now to learn how we can support your video conferencing efforts: