Video: It’s That Important

Video is content-rich media that is just as effective at delivering information on a mobile device as it is on a big screen. This makes video unique in a mobile-first world, and the most powerful marketing tool available to help you convert your audience.

What makes a video or a website “good?”

The Oxford American Dictionary has two suggestions:



to be desired or approved of.
having the qualities required for a particular role.

To spark desire for your offer, or approval for your message, your website and videos must the qualities required for your particular funnel.

You define your strategic objectives, and we leverage videos and web design to build influence and action. It’s that simple.


Our Origin Story


Video marketing and web design was a natural fit for filmmakers Adam Stockman and Alexandr Beran, but for a while they didn’t know it. The two met in 2014 on the set of Alexandr’s short film, I’m Sorry Alligator, where he cast Adam – a recent graduate from The Actors Conservatory – in the lead role.

Following Alligator, Adam spent several years earning degrees in video production, multimedia, and business marketing, while Alexandr led video production teams for creative agencies and a large tech company, traveling the world for documentary and narrative campaigns. Both an artist and an entrepreneur, Adam has built a successful freelancing business that consults high profile business clients like Marshall Goldsmith, building tactical marketing videos that over-deliver on strategic objectives. Through this work, he enlisted the help of future OGM team members.

Seven years after Alligator, Adam reconnected with Alexandr to film a documentary with Dave Dahl, founder of Dave’s Killer Bread®. The project was so successful that they decided to join forces and serve more business clients by offering scalable video production in service of focused marketing objectives. Objectively Good Media was born.

From our headquarters in Portland, OR, we serve clients worldwide through web design, video editing, and Zoom production services. We have skilled directors at the ready across the states of Washington, Oregon, California, and Georgia to film interviews and b-roll.

Our Team

Adam Stockman

Adam Stockman

CEO & Project Lead | Region: Pacific NW

Over a decade of experience in filmmaking, web design, and marketing. Expert in Premiere, WordPress, and Marketing Strategy.

  • B.S. in Business Administration; Marketing
  • A.A.S. in Video Production
  • One Year Certificate in Multimedia
  • Two Year Certificate in Acting
Wendi Barlow

Wendi Barlow

Certified Virtual Facilitator (CVF) | REMOTE

20 years of experience facilitating, coaching, and producing virtual, hybrid, in-person sessions using a variety of platforms including Zoom, WebEx, Teams, and Flipchart.

  • B.S. in Education
  • M.S. in Training & Development
  • Certificates in DISC, Social Styles, MBTI, 5 Behaviors, 7 Habits for Managers, ACC
Alexandr Beran

Alexandr Beran

Director & Editor | Region: N. California

Bay Area to Northern California regional director. Veteran producer, director, editor, and team leader.

  • B.F.A. in Digital Film and Video


So are we working together or what?